UV/Vis and NIR Microscopes

Spectrometer solutions for optical microscopy daily routine - combine modern optical microscopy with various illumination systems, diverse photometric measurement technologies and flexible combinations of software modules to create a concept, which opens new paths for color measurement
Keep the best efficient utilization of existing microscope equipment and to upgrade it with the newest available technical developments

  • Bright field transmission
  • Dark field transmission
  • Polarisation
  • Incident light reflections
  • Incident light dark field
  • Incident light polarisation
  • Fluorescence

forensic applications - analysis of fibres, lacquers, paints and coatings, birefringing crystals and material structures up to analysing the nature of biological specimens, the examination of colour and brightness as a function of the angle of anisotropy, particle size and their distribution, colour penetration into papers and their modification by thermo sublimation enables onclusions about the printing technology, etc

Microscopy is a standard tool for the daily working routine in a forensic lab; integrated spectrometer solutions provide the microscopist chemical information in addition to the value of the pure image.

industrial applications - nanoparticles, layer thickness, color behaviour of pigments or coated surfaces
life science - applications in immuno-histochemistry, transfer processes on molecular level
petrology - analysis of maceral maturity, vitrinite reflection measurement according DIN/ISO  7404; ASTM D2798

Experience gained during work with analytical equipments for more than 15 years

Our company, trough our specialists, are striving to support you in finding the best solutions and in solving you analytical challenges - together we will find the instrument type and configuration that will best comply with your requirements.

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