About us

Total Spectrum SRL is offering a wide range of analytical equipments, accessories and consumables, service, technical and application support for the spectroscopy market.

Our analytical range includes:

- Arc/Spark Laboratory and Mobile Spectrometers – for metal samples analysis in different matrices (Fe, Cu, Al, Zn, Pb, Sn etc.)

- C, S, N, O and H Combustion Analyzers – rapid analysis of these elements with good precision starting from sub-ppm levels for metal, ceramics, geological samples, coal industries, etc.

- Portable XRF Spectrometers – excellent for identification and/or sorting metal samples in multiple basis (Fe, Cu, Al, Ni, Cr, Co sau Ti), quantifying chemical elements from Mg to U in oils, glass, plastics, paints, ceramics, ores, environmental samples (soils, mud, filters, waters), geological samples, precious metals, arts objects, coatings, RoHS applications, etc.

- µXRF Spectrometers - Micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (Micro-XRF) provides highest spatial resolution with spot sizes down to 25 µm; multi-layers and coatings analysis

- ICP-OES Spectrometers - are available in Radial, Axial or Dual View Configurations, wide dynamic range (107), low detection limits starting from ppt levels, ideals for Environmental, Oil Analysis, Pharmaceutical, Food, Petrochemical, Mining​, BioFuels

- DC-Arc Spectrometers - instruments for the direct analysis of a wide range of solid materials. The Prodigy DC Arc will enhance materials testing capabilities for many labs by providing low detection limits and fast turn-around times for a virtually unlimited number of elements in even the most challenging sample matrices

- Hg Analysers - Family of Mercury Analyzers - fully automated instruments that address the analysis of solids, semi-solids and liquids.

- Automate the sample preparation for quantification of pesticide in foods - a revolutionary system specifically designed and optimized to automate the QuEChERS sample preparation workflow

- Desktop Scanning Electron Microscopes with  X-ray analysis system - Intuitive and easy to use, fully integrated software and hardware, extremely fast, equipped with a long lifetime, high brightness thermionic source

- On-line, laboratory and portable  NIR Spectrometers - high-performing on-line NIR process spectrometers deliver fast-response and multi-component analysis for a variety of process applications for many industries, including pharmaceutical, food & dairy, chemical, polymer, petrochemical, agricultural, pulp & paper, wine and also defense  applications.

- Raman and μRaman Spectrometers – revolutionary portable Raman microscope and handheld Raman identifier - fluorescence is automatically removed, featuring full wavelength coverage, fast measurements and high sensitivity

- Thermogravimetric Analysers  (TGA) - benchtop units designed for speed, precision and accuracy for thermogravimetric analysis of a wide range of materials used in various mining, food, petrochemical, environmental and pharmaceutical applications.

- Laoratory Accessories and Consumables - peristaltic pumps used in all areas of analytical and preparative chemistry, and in the production area; syringe pumps used for dispensing liquids in micro- or nanoliter range

- Certified reference materials for  AA, ICP OES, ICP-MS, IC, pH

We are active on the following markets: metallurgy, machinery, research, education, electronics, quality control, environmental, forensic, materials, NDT, art conservation and restoration, forensic, etc.

Our technical team is offering the technical and application support needed to established the best analytical solution, followed by the method development and training for the users. We do not provide an equipment we provide technical solutions and we also help you use it.

Experience gained during work with analytical equipments for more than 15 years

Our company, trough our specialists, are striving to support you in finding the best solutions and in solving you analytical challenges - together we will find the instrument type and configuration that will best comply with your requirements.

About Us

Total Spectrum is a company specialized on providing analytical solutions: analytical equipments, technical support, service, dedicated calibrations and methods developments for a wide range of applications.

Our complex and complete solutions "analytical device - technical support - service" represents a major advantage for our customers

S.C. Total Spectrum S.R.L.